Earth Day the GLAD Way!

Earth Day is an movement to support environmental protection. What's the best way to teach about the importance of healing our Earth? Be GLAD strategies! Keep reading for a Conservation Unit you can use in the classroom.

Graphic Organizer Input Chart

This GOIC is a wonderful way to teach students the big idea of Conservation.

Click  here  for the Picture File Cards so you can teach it too!

Pictorial Input Chart

This Pictorial Input Chart focuses on the "5 R's of Waste Management". See the chart in English & Spanish below:

Click  here  for the Pictorial Picture File Cards.

Expert Groups

Utilize Expert Groups to teach about other concepts related to conservation.

Click  here  for the sample Expert Group Text.

Process Grid

This Conservation Process Grid is fantastic to use to plan out your unit!

Click  here  for the full Process Grid and Unit.

Literacy Reinforcers

Literacy Reinforcers are a fun and easy way to get literacy into the hands of students. Click  here  for access to dozens of pre-made Conservation-themed Literacy Reinforcers.


Check out these fun Poems for Earth Day!

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Still have questions?  We're here to help
Still have questions? We're here to help

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