• The Power of Names

    The Power of Names

    Students all over the country are returning to school and often to a new teacher and new classmates. One of the first things teachers and students will engage in is learning each other’s names. Learning people’s names is a critical aspect of the community building process: getting to know each other and building positive relationships. At the elementary level, teachers have the task of getting to know the students in their own class, as well as any groups they might teach, and even the students in their colleagues’ classes. At the secondary level, teachers may have well over 100 students in their classes, and will also need to learn the names of their students in order to address them appropriately and respectfully.

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  • Celebrating Oakland USD!

    Celebrating Oakland USD!

    Teachers and staff at Oakland Unified School District have succeeded in launching a pilot program for Newcomers and Emerging English Language Learners using Be GLAD strategies. The SAILL (Summer Academy for Integrated Language Learning) at Esperanza Elementary offered a summer program for 180 students from 23 Elementary Schools entering Kindergarten through 5th grade. Due to the phenomenal success, OUSD’s Summer Academy was featured on ABC7!

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  • Power of Paraphrasing

    Power of Paraphrasing

    Teaching students how to paraphrase is an important aspect of language acquisition. A 'paraphrase' is a detailed restatement in your own words. Adding sources into writing is a critical college and career ready skill.

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  • Build Oral Language & Writing Skills w/ the SPC!

    Build Oral Language & Writing Skills w/ the SPC!

    ​The Sentence Patterning Chart has been called the “Blue Ribbon” strategy because of its power and potential. For teachers trained in Be GLAD, here are some fun and interactive activities that you can do with the SPC as a base.

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  • Coaches & Admin: The Key to Sustaining Effective Instruction

    Coaches & Admin: The Key to Sustaining Effective Instruction

    There is an old adage in education surrounding professional development: “This too shall pass…” Most teachers have experienced the one-day workshop wherein great ideas are shared, only to never be implemented in the classroom. While fads come and go, one thing has staying power, research-based effective teaching strategies!

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  • Scaffolding Writing: Sketching

    Scaffolding Writing: Sketching

    Humanity values creativity. We thrive upon both being creative and enjoying what others have created. That includes the arts, of course, but also the written word. We consume writing for many purposes, including learning new skills and topics, and for the pure pleasure of reading someone else’s thoughts or stories. Writing is all around us; on billboards and on social media, at the grocery store and in restaurants, and in the texts we utilize in schools. Writing, by definition, is a creative process. We are creating something when we write; a tool for communicating to others what we have learned, what our thoughts and feelings are, our stories, our experiences, and more.

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