• Coaches & Admin: The Key to Sustaining Effective Instruction

    Coaches & Admin: The Key to Sustaining Effective Instruction

    There is an old adage in education surrounding professional development: “This too shall pass…” Most teachers have experienced the one-day workshop wherein great ideas are shared, only to never be implemented in the classroom. While fads come and go, one thing has staying power, research-based effective teaching strategies!

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  • Scaffolding Writing: Sketching

    Scaffolding Writing: Sketching

    Humanity values creativity. We thrive upon both being creative and enjoying what others have created. That includes the arts, of course, but also the written word. We consume writing for many purposes, including learning new skills and topics, and for the pure pleasure of reading someone else’s thoughts or stories. Writing is all around us; on billboards and on social media, at the grocery store and in restaurants, and in the texts we utilize in schools. Writing, by definition, is a creative process. We are creating something when we write; a tool for communicating to others what we have learned, what our thoughts and feelings are, our stories, our experiences, and more.

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  • Earth Day the GLAD Way!

    Earth Day the GLAD Way!

    Earth Day is an movement to support environmental protection. What's the best way to teach about the importance of healing our Earth? Be GLAD strategies! Keep reading for a Conservation Unit you can use in the classroom.

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  • Paper vs. Digital

    Paper vs. Digital

    The digital world surrounds us every day. As we navigate the world, we use technology throughout the world and with increasing frequency, for everything from grocery shopping, traveling from place to place, and, of course, the workplace, including teaching. Technology has transformed education over the years, and played a huge role during the pandemic as many districts and schools moved to distance or remote learning. Teachers have become increasingly more comfortable integrating the many powerful tools available to us. But a huge question remains: what should the balance be between using technology and using paper or other physical materials?

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  • Women's History Month

    Women's History Month

    Women's History Month is a time to learn about inspirational women who have made positive contributions to society. Keep reading to see how to use GLAD strategies to teach about some incredible women and the differences they made!

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  • President's Day Resources

    President's Day Resources

    Learn how to use the Comparative Input Chart and Poetry in English and Spanish!

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