Be GLAD® is a professional development organization in the area of language acquisition and literacy employing Project GLAD® model and strategies. We take teaching theory and transform it into incredible practical teaching activities.


Success By The Numbers

GLAD training has been proven to be effective in all classrooms. The numbers speak for themselves.

  • High School Standardized Test Pass Rates
  • k-5th API Growth
  • 1st Grade Reading level Growth

High School Standardized Test Pass Rates


k-5th API Growth


1st Grade Reading level Growth

  • I love how Be GLAD incorporates art and science and social studies content into teaching high-level vocabulary and the increased teamwork among students

    Jessie Pedilla2nd Grade Teacher
  • Be GLAD has opened up a whole new world of teaching for me. It just makes sense and helps reach so many learners. I have noticed a difference. I wish I had learned to Be GLAD long ago.

    Trixia Herrera3rd Grade Teacher
  • I view the Be GLAD strategies as educational tools that I'm adding to my tool box. They're my hammer, screw drivers, and pliers. They may not necessarily be the exact tool I need for every situation, but they certainly help cover a broad spectrum of needs.

    Brian Ross4th Grade Teacher

Endorsed by Marcia Brechtel

We are proud of and honored to be the only organization, public or private, to have the endorsement of the co-creator and former director of Project GLAD®, Marcia Brechtel.

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