Elementary Training

Get trained in award-winning GLAD strategies & see the strategies modeled in a live classroom. Designed for Elementary school educators and coaches.
Elementary Training

Empower your staff with tools for success

  • Educators will be more confident in their ability to teach any subject to any level of student.

  • Your staff will have a clear, proven classroom model that works for their students.

  • Educators will learn how to create an effective learning environment that promotes peer-to-peer interactions and learning.

  • Educators will be trained to create a classroom that manages itself.

  • Educators will learn how to create their OWN units, reaching students of all learning levels.

  • Lower staff workload and stress while improving student outcomes.


Organization-wide benefits

  • Provides a platform for educators to connect and learn from one another

  • Creates visibility for your organization’s structure to help students gain equity

  • Supports staff in their ability address instructional change according to state and district requirements with confidence

  • Creates vertical articulation across grade levels to meet state mandates

  • Establish a project-based, student-centered instruction process that is inquiry driven

  • Create a classroom environment responsive to diversity with an inclusive learning environment

  • Use a research-proven instructional model with a set of highly effective teaching strategies for all staff

  • Bring the fun of teaching back into your classroom

  • Increased engagement

  • Oral language development

  • Access to high level language

  • Success with learning how to work in teams and with peers

Efficacy of Be GLAD trainings in Marysville SD Washington (2021)

  • award

    Students who attended 16+ days grew by an average of 95 scaled score points on STAR from spring ‘21 to summer ‘21

  • award

    Students grew by 0.4 grade equivalency (4 months of growth on STAR) over the summer

  • award

    Rebuilding to peer relationships for students who stayed online 20–21 year

  • award

    Students gained confidence to speak and share

  • award

    Formed lasting relationships with building staff

How it works

The beauty of online PD? No need to schedule dates or get subs. Our team will take care of onboarding teachers and coaches.

Once your educators are enrolled in the Be GLAD course, they will have access to a core PD model that aligns with all of your district initiatives. Provide your staff with the PD they want and deserve by reducing costs and stress while increasing collaboration.

Once your staff completes the training, they will be certified as Be GLAD teachers! See the results in the classroom as your staff continues to revisit the course for further implementation of the GLAD model. Your staff will have online access to Be GLAD Trainers who can answer any questions they may have.

Training program

Our Elementary Training is provided in an online format. The training is composed of 6 chapters, which include Research/Theory & Classroom Demonstration videos so that your staff can visualize what these strategies will look like in their own Elementary classrooms! Movements, pacing, and delivery will be shown for each strategy in a live Elementary classroom.


Kristin Fery

Kristin Fery

Instructional coach

Be GLAD provides you with many practical and useful tools that you can use both in your virtual and face-to-face classes.
Jenna Greco

Jenna Greco

5th grade teacher

This was one of the best trainings I have participated in. Seeing all the ways we can support our English Language Learners …
Courtney Hammett

Courtney Hammett

1st grade teacher

The online GLAD training was thorough and very informative. The video models of strategies being implemented within our English Language Les …


Be GLAD professional development supports educators to achieve phenomenal student success with any demographic group. Our test data clearly separates Be GLAD above other programs.

Yes, we also organize webinars for organizations and hold in-person trainings. For more information about alternative ways to take the Be GLAD training, please contact us

What if I don’t have a PO number yet? Yes, you can pay for your GLAD Training with a PO, even if you don’t have the PO number at the time of registration. Simply select the Purchase Order method of payment during checkout. If you don’t have a PO number at the time of registration, type ‘TBD’ in the ‘PO Number’ field or provide an email address we can obtain the PO information from.

Yes, you can purchase Be GLAD training without providing registrant information. Simply checkout with the products and quantities you would like to purchase, select ‘Skip step’ when prompted to upload registration details.

Be GLAD is a professional development training for teachers designed to deliver content in the most effective way, according to research. Our training is designed to be a core program that fits with all of your other district initiatives.

Looking for a different training format?

  • A Be GLAD elite coach facilitated training
    Webinar training

    A Be GLAD elite coach facilitated training

    • Training facilitated by Be GLAD Trainer via live webinar sessions

    • Customized training dates/times for your staff

    • 18 participant minimum

    • 20 hours w/ 6-7 sessions to complete training

  • Our approach helps any teachers achieve their goals
    In-Person training

    Our approach helps any teachers achieve their goals

    • Guaranteed results under the guidance of an by Be GLAD facilitated mentor

    • Personalized training dates/times

    • One-on-one classes in a comfortable environment

    • 20 hours w/ 4 full days to complete the training

    • 25 participant minimum

Elementary Training

Get instant access to award-winning strategies to create effective instruction with your students.


Elementary Training