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Process Grids Galore

One of our favorite features from our new BFFs at Uplevel are the completed Process Grids. They've built ALL of the Next Generation Science (NGS) and History-Social Science (HSS) units for K-5. That's 41 fully developed units that drive Common Core Standards for English Language Arts (CCS-ELA) through rigorous academic content using our award winning strategies.

These are GLAD units on steroids with a complete scope and sequence for all the new standards. We're excited as an organization to have this valuable resource to use for our Classroom Demonstrations when providing inspirational PD (professional development). It allows us to focus on our 'how' because our 'what' is expertly-designed by Uplevel.

The following Process Grids have these neurological features to help accelerate language acquisition and literacy for all learners, especially for English Language Learners (ELL)...

Color & Shape-Coding

3rd Demo Process Grid GLAD Strategy3rd Grade NGS Life Cycle

For different types of learners, we help categorize and sort using colors and shapes. It helps teach a thought process that matches the topic being discussed. A clear target helps students learn. The shapes and colors helps students breakdown the target into meaningful and easy to learn chunks.

Sketches & Pictures

Kinder Process Grid U3 GLAD Strategy

Kindergarten HSS Celebrating Holidays

For those new to the concepts and language (like our ELLs), we use enormous amounts of visuals. Some are real pictures whereas others are simple sketches to help our brains with comprehension.

As a bonus, we incorporate kinesthetic learning in the form of gestural sketches. Simply put, we use movements for key terms and vocabulary to help students learn the language swiftly with little fuss.

Key Points

5th Colonies Process Grid GLAD Strategy

5th Grade HSS Colonies

Just the facts. For note taking to be clear, we model putting only key ideas on our Process Grid. The rigor comes in the research, finding facts, and discovering new ideas. Students rich academic discourse comes out when they debate which category is the best fit and the evidence to support their claims.

This oral discussion lends naturally to presentations and eventually written work in a specific genre of focus.

From our recommendation, Uplevel has included at least 7 rows of examples in their Process Grids. These match the:

-GOIC (Graphic Organizer Input Chart - visual syllabus)

-Pictorial Input Chart (visual schema)

-4 Expert Groups (facilitated/guided research)

-1 Team Expert Text ('They do' in Gradual Release of Responsibility)

-1 Individual Expert Text ('You do' in Gradual Release of Responsibility)

For more about these amazing materials, check out Uplevel

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