President's Day Resources

Learn how to use the Comparative Input Chart and Poetry in English and Spanish!

Comparative Input Chart

How to use this strategy:

1. Start off with a blank piece of butcher paper, and pencil in your input chart

2. Prep your photos (click  HERE  for the photos for this Comparative Input Chart)

3. Teach it! Use the  7 Hip Pocket Tools  to make this lesson engaging and effective!

President's Day Poetry

Use these  poems  in English or Spanish to teach about Presidents. Each lesson builds upon new ELA skills. 

Lesson 1: Read/sing poetry with students with hand gestures to practice the high-level language. See example below:

Lesson 2: Read poem, add pictures for comprehension for vocabulary words. See example below:

Lesson 3: Read poem, highlight key/unknown words and start adding ELA skills from your standards. See example below: 

Lesson 4: Read poem, and continue adding new ELA skills each time you process the poetry. See example below:

Check out the Spanish Examples:


Find all the President's Day Resources  HERE

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Still have questions? We're here to help

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