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Give Me 5

We're so excited! Our newest partner Uplevel has definitely taken our game up a level. They've incorporated as the basis of their curriculum our Give Me 5 foundational strategies. It provides a clear structure and pathway for student learning. From inquiry and curiosity to facilitated instruction, children build their own motivation to learn.

A basic 5 part sequence sets it up just right.

Beauty in Simplicity

Be GLAD's Give Me 5 (TM) provides a straightforward way to learn the process of learning. It helps students figure out how to filter information and remember it long term.

From direct instruction of creating a memory palace to developing a schema, students move through guided research groups and peer teaching. Uplevel has built content and language art skills around our Give Me 5 structure.

Here are the 5 Big Pillars:

1. Graphic Organizer Input Chart (GOIC)

It's the big picture. Take a look at the picture on the puzzle box to start so students know the pieces they're learning about more in depth later. We use lots of visuals to help scaffold learning for students.


GOIC 13 Colonies

2. Pictorial Input Chart (PIC)

From the big picture, we move in to take a closer look. Students learn how to learn about the topic. It provides the guidelines and schema to guide their learning. Everyone needs a filter; we give them one that matches the objectives.

PIC-Virginia.JPG#asset:6383PIC Virginia Colony

3. Expert Groups (EG)

With a great foundation, students then learn how to research properly. When students know how to research the right way early, they can process and devour large amounts of text more easily.

ExG-Massachusetts-S.JPG#asset:6384EG Massachusetts Colony Research Text from Uplevel

4. Process Grid (PG)

Oral presentations and peer-to-peer instruction builds our collaborative Process Grid. We use helpful memory devices such as color coding, gestures (TPR), shape-coding, neurological imprinting, and non-linguistic visual representations.

PG-colonies-5th.jpg#asset:6385PG 13 Colonies

5. Cooperative Strip Paragraph (CSP)

With all their new insights and synthesis of knowledge, students apply the writing process to the content.

CSP-colonies-5th.jpg#asset:6387CSP Colonies Writing Process in Progress

This rich content leads to more exploration and other projects demonstrating their grasp of new concepts.


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