Be GLAD® is a professional development organization in the area of language acquisition and literacy employing Project GLAD® model and strategies. We take teaching theory and transform it into incredible practical teaching activities.


This training was eye-opening because it provided applicable techniques that were shown in real-time teaching. This training also was responsive to students' needs with a wide variety of lessons and through many modalities.

Danielle Buttler1st Grade Teacher

I really appreciated the GLAD training. Being able to see an actual teacher demonstrate was very helpful. I look forward to implementing these new practices within my own classroom. I also really loved the hand gestures. I think my students will love those and will it will help them to remember the vocabulary more.

Jessica Kortuem3rd Grade Teacher

The Be GLAD Online Training is perfect for someone who has a busy schedule, yet wants to participate in professional development. I was able to squeeze in the time when it was convenient for me. The demonstrations in the videos were perfect- they helped me to understand how the strategies could work in a classroom setting. I am excited to now have some new “tools” in my “tool belt” when teaching.

Jenny NikakisKindergarten Teacher

I thoroughly enjoyed the online GLAD training. I especially enjoyed seeing the strategies taught to real kids. I was impressed with how quickly the students picked up the new language skills and were so engaged in their learning.

Anne ClineElementary Intervention

I view the Be GLAD strategies as educational tools that I'm adding to my tool box. They're my hammer, screw drivers, and pliers. They may not necessarily be the exact tool I need for every situation, but they certainly help cover a broad spectrum of needs.

Brian Ross4th Grade Teacher

I will be using the Strip Paragraphs because they can really help struggling writers and readers in first grade, as it is more hands-on and allows students to move around. I have also utilized signal words and gestures that were used in GLAD videos for vocabulary and high-frequency words. It works perfect for first graders whose attention spans are short. Thank you.

Emily Fontes1st Grade Teacher

Thank you to Be GLAD for all of the useful strategies for teaching language acquisition in conjunction with our regular curriculum! Having the training online was SO easy and great to do while we can't leave our homes anyway 🙂 It was clear, concise, and the pdf documents that went with it are great to have to reference in the future. Thank you again!

Madeline CantyBio/Chemistry Teacher

The training was great and I appreciate the flexibility of being able to start and stop the videos throughout the course as I navigate teaching at home and working with my own kids!

Brandie Holliday1st Grade Teacher

This was one of the best trainings I have participated in. Seeing all the ways we can support our English Language Learners was great, but something even better is that these strategies and supports can be used with ALL learners.

Jennifer OkamotoHS Special Ed Teacher

Be GLAD is one of the best professional development training that I ever participated in. Practical and easy to implement strategies, very engaging videos. I will certainly be using the strategies in my teaching practices. I highly recommend it.

Sangita TrivediElementary Special Ed Teacher

Be GLAD is not just another teacher workshop. I gained real strategies that I can put to use in a real classroom.

Kevin SamsonMS Counseling

Be GLAD strategies are great for all students. I used them previously as a dual language elementary school teacher and I now use them with my Spanish students at the secondary level. They support the development of all four modalities of language and create an interactive learning environment.

Brittany Sola PelzelHS Teacher - Spanish

Be GLAD has helped me plan to meet and integrate standards. The backwards planning really supported my understanding of how to plan to meet all social studies and science standards (and to integrate literacy into it). It has also made learning more visual for my students.

Hope Mwaniki2nd Grade Teacher

Be GLAD has opened up a whole new world of teaching for me. It just makes sense and helps reach so many learners. I have noticed a difference. I wish I had learned to Be GLAD long ago.

Trixia Herrera3rd Grade Teacher

Be GLAD training has inspired me to become a better teacher for my students. I am able to incorporate all learning styles into my teaching using the GLAD strategies I’ve learned in the training.

Linda Xiong2nd Grade Teacher

I enjoyed my GLAD online training and I appreciate the fact that I can go at my own pace. I am very excited to use more of the strategies that I learned especially the oral retells for our bilingual students. Also, I love that one chart can be throughout a whole unit of study as well as used in multiple ways to address the different levels of all students in the classroom. Currently, I am using the sentence patterning charts during distance learning (e-learning) to continue practicing parts of speech with my students. We all love it!

Poloma Avena2nd Grade Teacher

Be GLAD strategies have transformed our dual immersion program. The classrooms are filled with interactive charts that show the high level of student engagement. Thanks to these strategies, students will be better equipped to develop orality in two languages with ease and pride.

Dr. Alex GonzalezPrincipal - Dual Language Elementary

The online GLAD course was so easy to navigate, engaging, and informative. I loved being able to watch the GLAD strategies be used by a teacher teaching a real class. I never felt confused or overwhelmed by the content as each GLAD strategy was explained well. I would recommend this course to any educator!

Theresa GipsonKindergarten Teacher

Glad helped give me the tools I needed to update my instruction to promote high student engagement, academic discourse and language skills, and literacy. Glad trainings provided me an opportunity to collaborate with my fellow teachers on best teaching practices. The Glad strategies and teaching tools were easy to immediately implement in my classroom. I have seen an increase in student engagement and a rise in student performance.

Katie Cannon2nd Grade Teacher

The Be Glad Educator course has been extremely beneficial to my teaching. I am a Spanish teacher who has utilized the small classroom interventions and I look forward to utilizing larger planning strategies that I have learned through this program. Our instructor has been amazing and the staff is always responsive to our needs.

Luis CasillasMS Spanish Teacher

I loved the GLAD training that I recently completed. I enjoyed the fact that I could complete this course at my own pace and that there were videos to watch. I also loved the cooperative strip paragraph strategy. I can not wait to implement this strategy in my classroom.

Kaisa Freitas2nd Grade Teacher

The Be GLAD Online Training Course is a 6 chapter self-paced course that is filled with strategies for not only second language learners but is good for ALL learners. The teacher models each strategy and the students apply the strategy. There are new strategies modeled in each chapter that a teacher could certainly choose one-two to easily implement the next day!

Donna TorresInstructional Coach

Be GLAD strategies are terrific for all levels of K-12 instruction. I am a high school teacher, and at first, I was skeptical about this online course with the sample instruction for third graders. However, a number of the strategies presented are directly applicable to high school. I plan on incorporating some strategies as soon as I'm back in the classroom. Like most teachers, I try to be a life-long learner. I've been teaching for over 20 years, and BeGLAD gave me new tools to better instruct my students.

Mark NelsonHS Teacher

I love how Be GLAD incorporates art and science and social studies content into teaching high-level vocabulary and the increased teamwork among students

Jessie Pedilla2nd Grade Teacher

Be GLAD provides you with many practical and useful tools that you can use both in your virtual and face-to-face classes.

Marisel Rivera3rd Grade Teacher - 50/50 Dual Language Model

I was so excited when I heard that it is now possible to get GLAD training online. The training was fantastic. The videos clearly explained all of the different strategies and there were lots of videos of the strategies being used with students. I can't wait to take all that I have learned into my classroom next school year.

Sarah HackettElementary Teacher

Be GLAD Training included specific strategies in academic language acquisition that are useful at all grade levels, including high school science.

Kristi GuarientiniHS Teacher

I learned so much from the Be GLAD training! The teacher in the videos was amazing. She gave me a lot of good ideas to implement in my classroom. The process was broken down into manageable parts, and I could see that the lessons would be very engaging to my students. I was worried that doing it online would diminish the value of learning- in my opinion, it did not. Well done. A valuable training.

Melanie TeschElementary Special Ed Teacher

Thank you so much for this wonderful training. This is a training that can benefit new teachers as well as experienced teachers. I can see how this type of teaching would take time to implement, but it looks worth it!

Stacy BeamerEducation Specialist

Walking through the classrooms of teachers utilizing GLAD®, it was noticeable that teachers were more focused on the vocabulary and the visuals that go with it which are necessary for our ELs and beneficial for all our kids. I feel the strategies are relevant and adaptable to different teaching styles and also helps differentiate instruction.

Carmen De Los SantosESL Coordinator

Be GLAD Online Core Training Course provided me with many outstanding strategies to support not only our EL students but all of our students. Engaging research-based comprehension, reading fluency, and vocabulary strategies were well displayed. The videos provided an explanation followed by a coaching segment with students showing how to apply them in practice. Overall, this was a valuable experience that exposed me to rich practices that will undoubtedly lead my students to much success.

Cathy FilippiniInstructional Coach

The online GLAD training was thorough and very informative. The video models of strategies being implemented within the classroom were a fantastic part of this great training. As a secondary teacher, it would have been nice to see a couple of examples of a few of the many fantastic techniques implemented at the middle or high school level or even just a quick reference guide after each section that would assist secondary teachers in implementing and tweaking these strategies as necessary.

Zoe SamborskiEducation Specialist

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