Be GLAD® is staff training for language acquisition. Teachers are trained to modify the delivery of student instruction to promote academic language and literacy.

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Which method is right for me?

Online training is perfect for the teacher that likes to take on training at their own pace. The Webinar training is geared towards teachers that need dedicated time set aside for immersive training.

  1. Number One

    Online Core Training

    Research/Theory & Classroom Demonstration videos so that you can visualize what these strategies will look like in your own classroom!
    • Become a master teacher in less than 6 weeks.
    • 50+ videos of theory and research.
    • Videos include live classroom demonstrations.
    • Complete the course on your own time & pace.
  2. Number Two

    Webinar Core Training

    A Be GLAD® elite coach facilitated Core training.
    • Training facilitated by Be GLAD Trainer via live webinar sessions
    • Customized training dates/times for your staff
    • 18 participant minimum
    • 20 hours w/ 6-7 session to complete training
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