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Three Personal Standards ASL

Be GLAD Educators here are our 3 Personal Standards with ASL. Our amazing National Director of Trainings, Noshaba Afzal, models the gestures we use in our Award winning professional development model.

We will also have a session on ASL at our Annual International Conference on October 5-6, 2017 in San Jose, CA USA.

GLAD Strategy

Our Three Personal Standards help develop critical thinking skills and encourage a growth mindset. We use them to celebrate students' persistence of working through problems and challenges. Our students become problem solvers and not just problem identifiers.

Our Three Personal Standards are:

1. Solving Problems

2. Making Good Decisions

3. Showing Respect

These can be presented and discussed in any order.

When students become problem solvers, we have them reevaluate their decisions. Did that action and decision create a problem? If yes, then they should make a better decision. We don't want them to create problems, but it happens. The goal is to get them to self-correct and work on reaching a solution which can always be improved upon. We help students become reflective and more mindful through this process.

Our focus with showing respect emphasizes respecting yourself as the starting point. Respecting yourself entails a growth mindset:

-celebrating working through challenges

-viewing mistakes as learning experiences.

-knowing their brains can grow and learn new things

-being smart is just working hard and not a state of being

For more details about this strategy and our pedagogy, sign up for our online course or an in-person session.


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