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Teacher Reflections

One of our AMAZING Certified Be GLAD trainers, Jean Wiersema, shared this qualitative data with us. It gives us feedback about our practice and impact on classrooms. More importantly we gain insight into the important work we do and how it helps students succeed. Thanks for the inspiration Jean!

What are the major impacts Be GLAD implementation has had on your students?

  • Engagement

  • My ELs are able to grasp concepts easier, writing has improved, more excitement, engagement in these topics

  • Building teamwork

  • Able to hang on to higher level comprehension ideas, greater understanding of concepts, motivation, classroom management, teamwork, making better choices, and better writing,

  • Students love learning about science and social studies!

  • When my students realized how all of the strategies we do connects and how they can use those same strategies in all academic areas and in future grades.
    Example: My students realized that they can make a process grid with their writing research then use the process grid to write paragraphs. I am so thankful for the GLAD strategies. They have turned my students who didn't really enjoy learning into lifelong learners who love what they do. The confidence is unreal.

  • Social studies and science standards have had a deeper meaning due to the GLAD strategies I have been using to teach them.

  • Student engagement and integrating standards across the curriculum

  • They are learning more vocabulary, using more academic language, and they are making good decisions and showing respect.

  • Have a better understanding of how information is organized. Also, they can access the information, no matter their reading level.

  • attention, focus, motiviation

  • The use of academic language within the classroom on a regular basis has allowed for language growth for all students.

  • GLAD is such an amazing, amazing teaching strategy. I wish I could focus ONLY on GLAD strategies and incorporate social studies and science into my English Language Arts lessons without feeling obligated to use the Wonders curriculum. It is really difficult feeling like we need to "do it all" and the students don't benefit as much from that. When using GLAD, the students are excited, motivated, engaged, and ENJOY their learning. We do units that are real to life, fun, and standards based while focusing on content from subject areas that are often times forgotten. With GLAD, we get to teach standards and students, NOT curriculum.

  • An impact for several of my students this year has been ownership for their behavior. Another impact has been increased knowledge of content material.

  • They are more involved and engaged in the lesson, and they really join the routine with GLAD

  • I have been using the CCD as vocabulary cards for my kindergarten students. I post the the vocabulary words on paper as a picture card. My students are using the scientific words that they have learned in everyday use.

  • They have become better listeners, speakers, and they are more motivated to learn new concepts

  • Students are more engaged and retain high level information with repeated strategies used

  • They have a lot of content vocabulary and they enjoy the lessons.

  • understand how to use notes as a reference; interest level in content increased dramatically

  • A MUCH deeper understanding of the curriculum that is being taught along with proving their answers in text, on a poster, or around the room.

  • Students remember the information longer and can reflect back on it.

  • They are now able to find answers by themselves

  • The impact I have seen most was with being engaged with the lessons.

  • They are more engaged in learning. They are deepening their understanding of concepts and are thinking more critically about concepts.

  • A lot of my students are visual learners, and the images have provided them with information regarding the concepts being taught. It has also clarified any information.

  • Knowing how to access information

  • The students seem more independent in their learning knowing how to look at more than one article about a topic and taking notes on it.

  • more support for ELL learners (visual supports, scaffolds), who have showed an improvement in both their academic abilities and confidence.
    Chants/Poems looking for/discussing parts of speech and adding them to the Sentence Patterning Chart (SPC).

  • My students are thinking more for themselves and persevering when things are difficult. My students are using higher level vocabulary and applying it across the curriculum. They look forward to our GLAD routines and I have noticed that their writing has improved greatly through sketching their stories, Cooperative Strip Paragraph, and Writers Workshop has improved greatly!

  • Retention of a large chunk of historical information

  • Focus and clarity with specific standards. The narrow standard focus but broad availability to fit into many language and reading standards.

  • Student discourse, in depth knowledge of subjects, high engagement with visuals.

  • They are more excited to learn. They get to talk with other students more often.

  • It brought a new level of engagement to both my students and myself. I love how it integrates across all subject areas.

  • They are in charge of their own learning and have strategies for organizing and managing the information.

What 3 strategies or ideas from Be GLAD have had the most impact on your students achievement?

  • Pictorial Input Chart, Sentence Patterning Chart, CCD

  • The biggest impact has been the behavior charts and learning to work in a team setting.

  • Cooperative strip paragraph, Mind Map, and Process Grid

  • expert text, cooperative strip paragraph, team tasks

  • Pictorial (with Learning Notes and Word Card review), Word of the Day (CCD chart), Expert Groups, Cooperative Strip Paragraph/Process Grid and Sentence Patterning Chart.

  • Goics, sentence patterning charts, expert groups/process grid

  • * 3 personal standards * Signal Word * Curriculum integration

  • Signal words, literacy rewards, and the 3 behavior standards.

  • Using the learning log to record learning and then refer to for information, the narrative input chart to support sequence of events, and the process grid to organize data for use in writing.

  • cooperative paragraph, scout cards, sign language

  • Sentence patterning chart, input chart and learning logs.

  • Learning logs, zero noise signal, big book

  • The zero quiet signal was very successful for management this year. It was helpful to encourage students to wrap up their conversations but allow them to finish their thoughts before expecting them to quiet down. It also curbed the "shhhhhh"-ing. I was able to use some songs and chants for my Regions of California, as well as an Important Book about California. Those two things were awesome. My students LOVED doing the chants and songs and it helped reinforce the important components of the unit.

  • 3 personal standards, Expert Groups, Pictorial Input

  • GOIC, expert groups, and the pictoral have had the most impact

  • The Important Books, interactive journals, and Cognitive Content Dictionary

  • expert text, learning logs, and pictorial input chart

  • CCD chart to develop vocabulary Process grid Cooperative strip paragraph

  • I use the GOIC to introduce my unit and they get a lot of information and vocabulary from it. Literacy reinforcers are also a great to motivate the students and give them facts. Chants are fun and full of information.

  • expert groups; GOIC; process grid

  • Narrative Input, Goic, and Expert Groups

  • literacy reinforcers, signal word, pictorial

  • GOIC, pictorial, poems

  • 1. Big Book 2. 3 Personal Standards 3. Expert Cards

  • Sentence Patterning Chart, GIOC and Observation Charts

  • 3 Personal Standards with awards, GOIC, and the use of the process grid for planning

  • Pictorial input, CCD, Chants

  • Observation Charts, Expert Groups, Process Grid

  • Note taking Sentence Patterning chart Reinforcers

  • (Graphic Organizer Input Chart) GOIC, Pictorial Input Chart, Comparative Input Chart

  • The CCD, 3 personal standards, and Word Card Review.

  • GOIC, Expert Groups, PRocess Grid

  • The process GRID both whole class and personal process grid. Small group instruction with heterogenous groups. Pictorial input for organizing information.

  • Discussions that are vocabulary rich, expert groups, and management techniques that incorporate learning with engagement.

  • 1. Sentencing patterning chart 2. Going blank on name... definition of new words 3. Group work

  • CCD chart, GOIC, Cooperative paragraph and of course the 3 personal standards

  • The GOIC Process grid Cooperative strip paragraph

Please describe a highlight from your year of GLAD implementation. (ie a specific student narrative, language, etc.) Please be specific.

  • The realization for one of my students when they saw the connection between the charts and the material they needed to know and understand

  • Listening to students teach their group about what they learned during expert groups

  • Using GLAD in connection to our garden and garden science unit; the day a couple students came to me to ask when we were going to start our next unit so they could do Team Tasks, Expert Groups, and Process Grid; discussions about our language with CCD words; the motivation and understanding/conversations with our Earth Science unit

  • I love seeing students apply the strategies when learning new content (i.e. making predictions of unknown words -CCD)

  • Our Hero Unit. I connected it to every aspect of our day. Our Mentor texts, read aloud, ELA stories and writing genre was based on the hero unit. Our room turned into a historical society. New vocabulary was being used and they loved every minute of it because they understood how the strategies worked and it helped with their presentations and projects for the unit. Everyone succeeded which, as a teacher, was the ultimate happiness!

  • Some of my lowest readers were able to read a higher level paragraph all due to the collaborative strip paragraph strategy.

  • Not sure what you're asking for...

  • I had a very difficult student who would not follow directions or be respectful. I am now able to just use the GLAD signals and he can make good decisions more often. My students are also beginning to write more and use higher vocabulary.

  • The Word of the day has been instrumental in reinforcing key terms and acting as a signal for work and attention.

  • sign language

  • For my formal evaluation I taught a lesson using the sentence patterning chart and it went well.

  • The highlight was watching Janine teach will take awhile to get there, but slow and steady wins the race!

  • The highlight of my year with GLAD implementation is just seeing the students engaged and light up with the ability to recall information from the various charts and resources that we created as a class. I am hopeful that as I continue to grow and as our district continues to implement GLAD that we can focus MORE on GLAD and incorporating science and standards throughout and integrated manner with ELA.

  • There are several challenging behaviors in my classroom this year. I have been thankful for the 3 personal standards as they are specific to the exact expectations for appropriate behavior.

  • I love the fact that the students are using more academic language from each of the units that I have taught. The learning logs help them jot down there thoughts and ideas of what they learned during that lesson. Then they are able to go back and reread their notes, it refreshes their memory when it comes to writing or testing.

  • I have a student who is highly engaged and he is spelling and reading the higher academic vocabulary.

  • students getting excited to use their learning logs

  • These strategies help all students to access higher level social studies/science concepts with lots of student interactions.

  • Many of my students would bring things made at home that mirrored either our GOIC, our chants or their own interpretation of our work in the classroom.

  • I can't think of specific language, but I love the light bulb with the "ohhh, that's why ...." when students make the connection from the GOIC to information in expert groups.

  • The GOIC for our Weather and Climate unit and the students being able to reference the chart with their Climate zone while presenting their reports and projects.

  • A long time after teaching a unit I had a student say, I remember what plants need because we had it on the chart. She was very proud of herself.

  • My non-reader student was able to write the information he knew because he could locate the information by the color on the chart. Color coding makes a huge difference in the lives of my low readers.

  • Being my first year it has been tough because I am wondering if I am doing it right. But I am GLAD, I am implementing strategies this year. I know next year will be better. Students talking about what they learned during a lesson and majority of them looking for their own information.

  • I loved seeing the students excitement when we went to the chants/poems. Not only were we increasing fluency but we were able to pull in many more skills like parts of speech. They were always so engaged when it came to every aspect of GLAD and their understanding of concepts became a really strong focal point.

  • I really think that having the images/visuals provides the students with opportunities to use the new vocabulary terms, etc.

  • Vocabulary acquisition!!!!

  • Implementing a County Unit for the first time

  • One highlight was the strong reports they were able to write using their notes. They actually have information to use in their writing.

  • Using input charts to teach content.

  • I have had several highlights but the one I'd like to share is how my mainstreamed (only during rotation) students were able to participate more fully in the lessons when we did the word card review and how excited they were to place their words on the chart!

  • I finally was able to do a full implementation at the beginning of the year before the pressure and stress of having to do Wonders!

  • Watching students engage in their response journals after we have learned something new at the carpet together, and listening to them negotiate for time and pen sharing when collaboratively writing together.

  • My highlight was that my principal noticed the GLAD strategies I had/was implementing, including management and fluent student discourse, during an observation, AND appreciated it!!!!

  • A highlight was when I started hearing students talking to other students about the sentencing patterning chart and talking to each other about adding adj. or or adverbs.

  • Just implementing the 3 personal standards has had a huge impact on my class environment and management. They are imprinted on our hearts. The academic language has increased tremendously with the signal words and CCD charts. The students love, love, love the reinforcers. I absolutely love everything about GLAD and can't wait to learn more. Thank you for everything!!!

  • Seeing my refugee student be able to participate and go from gestures, to one words to now being able to use complete sentences orally.



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