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Sentence Patterning Chart (SPC) Read Game

One of our favorite strategies is the Sentence Patterning Chart (SPC) or also known as the Farmer-in-the-Dell. It's an incredible way to teach academic syntax, grammar, and learn the natural rhythm of language in a fun way.

This is an extension activity after the chart is built. It's called the 'Read Game'.

SPC Read Game

As the video shows, the Read Game relies heavily on the Sentence Patterning Chart on our language functional environment. Students read, speak, and listen to the language on the chart (core language arts standards).


Students have a complete set of cards to make a sentence for the Read Game.


1. Everyone must participate.

2. Everyone reads right side up in an appropriate reading style.

3. The sentence must be in the correct syntax for our focus.

This game should be repeated multiple times with multiple variations of sentences. Students have fun while getting an ear for the target language.


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