• Be GLAD Stem
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    Be GLAD Stem

    When Rosa (one of my middle school students) tells me she wants to be a mobile applications graphic developer, I want to make sure I support her along with all of my students in being successful on that career path. STEM is buzzing in the world of education as teachers, administrators, and district leaders are actively seeking to make learning experiences integrated with domains that are flourishing in job markets: science, technology, engineering, and math.

    What many do not realize is these exciting integrations have already been used for decades through Be GLAD® strategies. A Certified Be GLAD Teacher is on the path to transform their lessons into high level STEM lessons by implementing metacognition, collaboration, problem solving, and creativity as the main emphasis of learning.

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  • Model Demo Schools Cambrian
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    Model Demo Schools Cambrian

    Congratulations to Cambrian School District in San Jose for being part of a National Spotlight for the best Be GLAD® schools in the nation!

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  • Model Demo Schools San Rafael
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    Model Demo Schools San Rafael

    We had the pleasure of doing a walk-through at Short Elementary School in San Rafael, CA with a team of dedicated educators from Minneapolis, Minnesota. The community, culture, and learning environment that the teachers have worked so hard to develop was absolutely a mind-blowing experience.

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  • 05.09.2017
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    Awareness Session CABE


    We had a packed house at our always popular Awareness Session at CABE 2017 in Orange County. We had standing room only with many waiting, watching from the hallway. To accomodate everyone, we filmed the session for those who couldn't make it inside the room.

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  • Be GLAD Basics: Hip-Pocket Tools™
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    Be GLAD Basics: Hip-Pocket Tools™

    We've found considerable success supporting all students with our trademarked Hip-Pocket Tools. These are 7 key practices that can be used with any instruction with little to no prep and with almost no materials needed. They are very teacher friendly. Almost all of our award winning strategies employ some if not all of the tools.

    These basic tools will increase engagement and interaction with any activity (GLAD or otherwise). If used often enough, you'll create a classroom full of productive energy with a very low affective filter.

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  • Teacher Reflections
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    Teacher Reflections

    One of our AMAZING Certified Be GLAD trainers, Jean Wiersema, shared this qualitative data with us. It gives us feedback about our practice and impact on classrooms. More importantly we gain insight into the important work we do and how it helps students succeed. Thanks for the inspiration Jean!

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