• PD Funding for Districts
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    PD Funding for Districts

    We've heard your struggles so we've done the work for you. With increased work loads and closures, it's been harder to meet all the goals for the year. We've put together your K-12 education funding paperwork together for you. Our U.S. Department of Education Program of Academic Excellence online PD will meet your PD needs. Join thousands of elite schools in the Be GLAD Online course with these letters.

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  • The Power of an Instructional Model
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    The Power of an Instructional Model

    Are you stressed? Overwhelmed? Feel underprepared?

    With high stake assessments and higher standards, educators are getting more frustrated with a lack of success from their curriculum. The constant changes in expectations, curriculum, and initiatives creates turmoil for teachers. It seems every school year there’s a shift in direction, new initiatives, and a transformation of teacher expectations. Educators are trying to establish an action plan on how to manage all the demands while also deciding where to focus their attention.

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  • Equity #AllMeansAll Part III
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    Equity #AllMeansAll Part III

    The classroom is a teacher's haven. With that in mind, the teacher controls the environment within those four walls for healthy or unhealthy interactions between students. In this article, we'll explore common pitfalls and easy methods to set your classroom up for successful social interactions in diverse settings.

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  • Equity #AllMeansAll Part II
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    Equity #AllMeansAll Part II

    Building a resilient classroom to get students to feel safe and secure requires thoughtful and intentional action by educators. Our students come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Even children from the same home may experience life events differently.

    As educators, we become therapists for all the troubles our students bring into the room. We love and care for our students; here are a few ideas to help build a space for physical, emotional, and mental well-being. We'll look at each domain and action items to support your great work.

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  • Equity #AllMeansAll Part I
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    Equity #AllMeansAll Part I

    As you begin your summer journey to recharge and revitalize, we've got 3 easy steps for you to contemplate to begin building an equity resilient classroom for next year.

    This is a 5 part series. Part I covers the basics. Read through it & let your subconscious mull it over the next couple months. When August rolls around, you'll find it easier to put it into practice to set all students on the path to success!

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  • Interactive Lessons in 2 Easy Steps
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    Interactive Lessons in 2 Easy Steps

    Teaching can feel very lonely at times even in a room full of students. We've all seen the listless, disinterested students while the teacher monologues either in movies, television, or real life.

    We've got 2 simple ways to liven up any classroom and any lesson with ease!

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