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    We're honored to partner and have presented at NESA's 2018 Annual Conference in Athens, Greece. We had many lively conversations and shared great instructional practices for multilingual settings.

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  • CABE 2018
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    CABE 2018

    Thanks to all of the wonderful educators who came to support and network with us at CABE 2018 in Sacramento. Our packed sessions were incredibly fun and energetic. We thoroughly enjoyed our interactions and engaging conversations.

    We're always so excited to share our passion for creating a multilingual society.

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  • Engagement
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    “You win a car! And you win a car!” Oprah was famous at using this to engage her audience and build excitement. So we can’t give away cars to our students in class nor to our educators during our professional development. But we can find ways to engage our audience in more meaningful and consistent ways.

    With a few strategic ideas, you’ll have everyone’s full attention. You'll have a behavior management that runs itself. We also learn more when we’re focused. According to Schlechty (2002)*, there are five levels of attention:

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  • Collaborative Learning
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    Collaborative Learning

    An important piece of our pedagogy is our emphasis on collaborative learning. Our extensive research shows peer-to-peer instruction and discussion is critical to student learning. It helps internalize concepts and creates a natural fluency with academic vocabulary when students use it with each other. We recently ran across an article that provides some great tips and tools to help with the use of our T-Graph, Team Tasks, and Expert Group presentations.

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  • Three Personal Standards ASL
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    Three Personal Standards ASL

    Be GLAD Educators here are our 3 Personal Standards with ASL. Our amazing National Director of Trainings, Noshaba Afzal, models the gestures we use in our Award winning professional development model.

    We will also have a session on ASL at our Annual International Conference on October 5-6, 2017 in San Jose, CA USA.

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  • New Standards?! Don't worry, Be GLAD!
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    New Standards?! Don't worry, Be GLAD!

    ​Are you intrigued by the new H-SS Framework and interested in exploring how it encourages a shift in your instructional planning and teaching? The UCB History-Social Science Project offered professional development to support teachers and administrators in the implementation of the new California History-Social Science Frameworks at our annual conference on October 5-6, 2017.

    (Cal Photo by brainchildvn on Flickr)

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