• Equity #AllMeansAll Part I
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    Equity #AllMeansAll Part I

    As you begin your summer journey to recharge and revitalize, we've got 3 easy steps for you to contemplate to begin building an equity resilient classroom for next year.

    This is a 5 part series. Part I covers the basics. Read through it & let your subconscious mull it over the next couple months. When August rolls around, you'll find it easier to put it into practice to set all students on the path to success!

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  • Interactive Lessons in 2 Easy Steps
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    Interactive Lessons in 2 Easy Steps

    Teaching can feel very lonely at times even in a room full of students. We've all seen the listless, disinterested students while the teacher monologues either in movies, television, or real life.

    We've got 2 simple ways to liven up any classroom and any lesson with ease!

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  • Big Book
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    Big Book

    Writing a Big Book- Made Easy!

    Unit Planning can seem overwhelming, however; writing a Big Book doesn’t have to be! The Big Book identifies the Enduring Understanding for your unit. For this, all we need to get started is your standards.

    Here is a step-by-step process of how to write your own Big Book, using your standards:

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  • 4 Quick Tips for Using Hand Gestures (ASL, TPR)
    • Distance Learning

    4 Quick Tips for Using Hand Gestures (ASL, TPR)

    Using hand gestures, TPR (Total Physical Response), nonlinguistic visual representations, kinesthetic instruction, or ASL (American Sign Language) is a wonderful way to make your teaching comprehensible to all students. Here are some quick tips on how to start integrating them into your instruction without feeling overwhelmed.

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  • Literacy Reinforcers
    • Distance Learning

    Literacy Reinforcers

    Love using Literacy Reinforcers, but need ideas to keep your students engaged?

    Literacy Reinforcers are an innovative & fun way to get literacy into the hands (and homes) of students. Here are some ways to get creative with different types of Literacy Reinforcers:

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  • Pictorial Input Chart
    • Distance Learning

    Pictorial Input Chart

    This is a hot topic! Learn about our key steps used to neurologically imprint (brain tattoo) your class with basic knowledge to get them eager, excited, and incredibly curious to want to know more...even about the driest of topics (puns included).

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