• Black History Month

    Black History Month

    February is Black History Month. As educators, it is our role and responsibility to teach and celebrate Black History Month with our students. It is important to understand the contributions that Black heroes have made in America and their struggle for freedom and equality.

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  • Boosting Brainpower-  Be GLAD Educator Webinar Series

    Boosting Brainpower- Be GLAD Educator Webinar Series

    A special thank you to Certified Agency Trainer, Laura Smith for sharing empowering information about the brain. Laura presented information by using a Narrative Input Chart, and teaches us how the brain works. Linking brain research to effective teaching strategies is the perfect combination!

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  • Core Site Celebration!

    Core Site Celebration!

    Congratulations to Be GLAD Core Site, River Woods Elementary School! We celebrate River Woods ES for their outstanding contributions to their students and dedication in implementing the Be GLAD Strategies.

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  • Cultivate Authentic Engagement with Brainpower and Cultural Awareness

    Cultivate Authentic Engagement with Brainpower and Cultural Awareness

    Your kids may be doing the work, but are they authentically engaged? How can you intentionally support them as they take charge of their learning?

    An effective way for our students to become insightful is by teaching them about the brain. When they gain self-awareness and understand how the brain works, they can take charge of their learning and embrace productive struggle.

    In Part 1, we focus on the Basics to Brainpower. In Part 2, we enrich perspective by explaining how Deep Culture drives information processing. The relationship between the two cultivates authentic engagement and transformational learning communities.

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  • Self-Care with Project GLAD Co-Creator Linnea Haley

    Self-Care with Project GLAD Co-Creator Linnea Haley

    We had the honor to host a very special Be GLAD webinar this month with Project GLAD Co-creator, Linnea Haley. 

    She discussed her history with Be GLAD, shared some tips for quieting our minds, and extended an invite to learn an additional way to take care of ourselves. 

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  • Social Justice Webinar Part 2

    Social Justice Webinar Part 2

    This is the second part in a 2 part series to help further our work in promoting social justice in the classroom. Thank you again to Zipporah Smith and Luis Pelayo Zepeda, two of our outstanding Be GLAD Certified Agency Trainers, for sharing their expertise with this webinar. Zipporah and Luis shared some powerful tips for facilitating meaningful conversations about social justice with students.​

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