• 12.03.2018
    • Curriculum

    Best GLAD Units

    Want to deepen your GLAD implementation? We found the perfect curriculum for you! We've tried and are exclusively using Uplevel's system to power our Classroom Demonstrations K-5.

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  • 11.27.2018
    • Training
    • Events

    Be GLAD Online February & March 2019

    Ciao! Some of our favorite peeps all the way from Rome. They're now spreading Be GLAD at their school in Italy. Join our next online session from any place on the globe, just like them!

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  • 11.25.2018
    • Events
    • Arabic


    We found more Be GLAD people. At this year's MAIS Conference in Dubai, we had insightful and thought-provoking conversations with some of the best educators from around the globe.

    We were honored to be invited to present and collaborate at MAIS. MAIS is the Mediterranean Association of International Schools. We're excited to see leaders from around the world working hard to empower their students with the Be GLAD system.

    We're a perfect fit for a multilingual world.

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  • 11.02.2018
    • Events
    • Conference

    Academic Excellence with ACE

    We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at this year's Excellence in Teaching Conference in Indiana. We provided multiple sessions about our system to make academic language accessible for all students. #Allmeansall

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  • 11.01.2018
    • Events
    • Conference


    A big thanks to WIDA for inviting us to participate in the WIDA 2018 Annual Conference this year in Detroit.

    We had a great time meeting 2,000 Pre-K through grade 12 educators from around the US and sharing our GLADtastic strategies for supporting multilingual learners. Here are a few moments from our time with fellow thought leaders in education.

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  • 09.19.2018
    • Dual Language
    • Spanish
    • GLAD Strategies

    GLAD Strategies in Spanish: La Poesía y Los Cantos (Videos) 2

    Incorporating poetry and chants in the classroom is an excellent way to provide guided oral practice to all of your students. Check out the following classroom demonstrations of the Be GLAD Poetry strategy modeled in two different Spanish dual immersion classrooms! This is part 2.

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