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Online GLAD During the Day

We've heard your numerous requests loud and clear. So we've added an option to earn our Basic Educator Certificate online during the school day. It's still nicely spread out with one day a week for 6 weeks. It helps manage the feelings of being overwhelmed with our nicely spaced out sessions.

This professional development will transform your instruction. We'll provide a clear system and process to accelerate language development and learning for all of your students.

Our Basic Educator Certificate is ideal for educators with a focus on English Language Development (ELD), English Language Learners, Dual Language, multilingual settings, and effective strategies to improve student engagement.

We start on February 27th. Space is limited. Earn your official Basic Educator Certificate by registering now:

U.S. Department of Education Model of Academic Excellence Award Winner

The Be GLAD® program is designed for teachers, educational support professionals, administrators, and those who work with children and adolescents to provide instruction for meeting the myriad challenges in learning academic language, specifically English. This certificate is comprised of three courses designed for the Basic Be GLAD® Certificate. All courses must be taken in sequential order. In order to enroll in the next course, one must successfully complete the previous course in the sequence. Upon successful completion of all three courses, a certificate of completion will be presented by Be GLAD.

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