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Do you need some ideas for your class that are: Meaningful, Easy to use, Low in materials needed, Work with all ability levels

We've got a few ideas for you that are researched-based & field-tested...

Home-School Connection

Our Home-School Connection strategy was developed to be done at home with little to no support needed by students to complete. The process:

1. We ask a simple question related to the standards and grade level topics they need to learn. (We've got examples ready to use on our website under your account in "Teacher Resources".)
2. The question can be in any language for families to discuss. (use "Google Translator" for languages you don't know.)
3. Students may sketch and/or write their response on any paper available.
4. These can be compiled and returned to the school site for credit and later discussion. Some teachers allow students to post on Google Docs, group text threads, or create a vlog/blog for classmates to see each others work.



Singing songs and reading poetry is a great release from the pressures of being home for extended periods of time. Our poetry brightens moods and spirits. For distance learning, use poetry in these ways:

-Send poems to families through hard copy packets and/or electronically (email, Google Docs, Dropbox). We have hundreds of poems for you on our website in your account under "Teacher Resources"
-Present poems on an online platform by either the teacher or by students (e.g. Google Docs, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, or Skype/Zoom)
-Sing together for modeling is preferred
-Model identifying skills (language arts and concepts, highlight and sketch)
-Have students practice identifying that skill on the poems either digitally or hard copy


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