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New Standards?! Don't worry, Be GLAD!

​Are you intrigued by the new H-SS Framework and interested in exploring how it encourages a shift in your instructional planning and teaching? The UCB History-Social Science Project offered professional development to support teachers and administrators in the implementation of the new California History-Social Science Frameworks at our annual conference on October 5-6, 2017.

(Cal Photo by brainchildvn on Flickr)

Devin Hess
Devin Hess

New History-Social Science Framework

UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project was pleased to offer the following professional development for participants at the annual Be GLAD Conference on October 5-6, 2017. The UCBHSSP presented an overview of the new California History-Social Science Framework adopted by the State of California in July of 2016. The presentation provided a brief introduction of the main shifts called for in the new Framework in the realms of content, literacy, inquiry, and citizenship.

We had two separate threads for this course. Both included an overview of the Framework. In addition, the speciality sessions consisted of:

1. The admin session incorporated a discussion of PD development to support Framework implementation as well as an understanding of what instruction in a Framework-aligned classroom would look like.

2. The teacher session emphasized inquiry and explicit teaching of historical thinking skills as a shift from the NCLB content-acquisition model.

Both included material and samples to be incorporated right away from UC, Berkeley History-Social Science Project.

Check out more about our amazing presenter, Devin Hess.

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