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New Addition to Kingdoms of Life Input Chart

The best educators stay on the cutting edge of new discoveries. Our eager science obsessed friends have proven again why we pencil in our Input Charts and not just use the laminated poster every year. Science is not set in stone; it changes all the time with new ideas, experimentation, and exploration.

Now our key Life Science anchor chart is changing too...

Hold your Input Chart Markers


Our incredible science researchers are always observing, questioning, and predicting to expand our knowledge base. We want to make sure we provide the best foundation for students' curiosity and exploration into new arenas.


Recently, Yana Eglit scraped some soil samples in Nova Scotia and found a new Kingdom, hemimastigotes. It's a eukaryote, so it'll still fit in our current Life Science Kingdoms of Life Graphic Organizer Input Chart (GOIC). Here's the original chart with 6 Kingdoms:

GOIC-6-kingdoms-life-cycle-avg.png#asset:7550GOIC Kingdoms of Life from, teacher and student generated


1. Archaebacteria

2. Eubacteria

3. Protista

4. Fungi

5. Plantae

6. Animalia

7. Hemimastigotes (NEW)

For the 7th Kingdom, once it's officially accepted by the Academy of Sciences as a new kingdom, it can be easily added to our input chart. We'll pick a new, different color and you can use a picture from the original articles found here:


Quanta Magazine

Scientific American


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