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Model Demo Schools Cambrian

Congratulations to Cambrian School District in San Jose for being part of a National Spotlight for the best Be GLAD® schools in the nation!

Cambrian Spotlight
Student success provides educator excitement

It was a pleasure for me to host a team of 12 administrators, coaches and teachers who traveled 2,000 miles from Minneapolis to observe how these schools have achieved some of the highest growth in language and ability levels in the country.

Linh Nguyen leads a collaborative discussion with engaged educators

The educators collaborated and observed Be GLAD strategies in action, from TK students researching expert groups to Middle Schools students building vocabulary & concepts while working in teams.

Be GLAD Online BEC
Classroom walls come alive with learning

A very special thank you to both Cambrian SD & Short School staff for sharing their expertise as Be GLAD educators and networking with other educators for the ultimate benefit of all students!

-Noshaba Afzal

National Director of Trainings


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