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Learning Logs in the Dual Language Classroom

First grade students at Las Palmas Elementary School, a two-way language immersion academy in Southern California, are studying how animals and plants around the world use their external parts to help them survive, grow, and meet their needs.

Following direct instruction in Spanish with the Graphic Organizer Input Chart (Diagrama visual de conceptos), students take their own notes in their Learning Logs (Diarios de aprendizaje)...

Student Note Taking Celebrates Multiple Modalities


This example of our GOIC ((Diagrama visual de conceptos) anchors memories and new learning in one large visual context. By using our 7 Hip Pocket strategies during instruction, students accelerate their acquisition of the language.


While sketching and writing in the Learning Logs, conversations between students can be heard in both Spanish and English as students negotiate for meaning and make connections to prior learning.


Students focus on varying details based on personal interest and preference. After a structured 10/2 discussion, each student learns more by sharing content and their own process for learning and note taking with each other.


Our focus on metacognition (thinking about our thinking) allows students to learn a diverse range of note taking and methods for processing new information.


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