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Integrated ELD vs Designated ELD

The forever swinging pendulum in education continues, but regardless of the swings it is very refreshing for Be GLAD trained teachers to be validated for using GLAD strategies to meet the new mandates for integrated and designated ELD instruction. In California and in many other states, there has been a launch of new ELD standards. The new ELD standards are designed to provide guidelines and structures for providing ELL students with multiple opportunities to experience and build their language. There is a heavy emphasis on experiencing language through text, along with a push to amplify academic language versus using a separate isolated curriculum to teach ELD. For California in essence, the CA ELD standards amplify the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for ELA (English Language Arts). The 5 ELD levels were condensed to three English language proficiency levels: emerging, expanding, and bridging. Three levels are utilized for ease of instruction and assessment.

Along with the new condensed ELD levels, recent dialogue with experts on the new ELD standards clarified on the use of integrated and designated ELD in classrooms. Integrated ELD outlines that all teachers who have English learners in their classes use state ELD standards with CCSS ELA to build literacy while teaching other content standards. This assures all students receive equal access to required content standards. At the same time, there is still designated ELD time for students during the day. Designated ELD is done during a specified time during the day, and teachers use the state ELD standards as the prime standards so they amplify and incorporate them into and from content instruction. The designated ELD time can be at the same time during the day or it can vary from day to day depending on mandates by the district. The key to meeting the designated ELD time is that students are taught based on their specific target level in the areas of their ELD reading, writing, listening, and speaking levels.

For GLAD trained educators, teachers are empowered with specific strategies that naturally lend to meeting the mandates of integrated AND designated ELD time. Some GLAD strategies that work well for integrated ELD time include the Give Me 5 that are the base of all units. The Graphic Organizer and Pictorial Input Charts may have a Next Generation Science (NGS), social studies or math focus. These units have CCSS ELA and ELD standards integrated into the process of each respective strategy. For instance, during the Word Card Review activity, teachers can focus and teach specified CCSS ELA skills such as root words, suffix/prefix, or syllables as a scaffold while checking for deeper knowledge of the content. Content based poetry is another great place for integrated ELD instruction. Teachers can process the poetry to explicitly teach CCSS ELA skills and required ELD standards.

ELD Group Frame

Formative Assessment to Drive Instruction

Teachers can utilize the ELD Group Frame for designated ELD instruction. This process builds upon the input charts that were originally done during the integrated ELD time. The ELD Group Frame helps the teacher get an authentic assessment of a student’s oral production level. This in turn makes it easy for teachers to teach the plus one or skill necessary to progress to the next ELD level to students who require it. GLAD trained teachers can also process observation charts in small groups with a targeted ELD group to help students with their plus one for their writing levels.

Gladiators across the country are validated knowing that their incorporation of specific BE GLAD strategies support their students during both integrated and designated ELD instruction time. This specialized ELD instruction helps assure teachers that all their students can experience 100% success!


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