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Input Charts are Fine Art

We often get the question about the empty spaces on our Input Charts for direct instruction. Early great artists might have been the first ones to use our Input Charts. Some early neurological research in an emerging field of neuroaesthetics shows the greatest artists of our time deliberately leave parts out of their paintings for us to fill in. When we fill them in, we are rewarded by our brains for doing so. In the same way, we leave empty spaces on our Input Charts to have students fill them.

Keeping Students Engaged


(Organisms: Bald Eagle Input Chart from the GLAD 4-Day Demo in Oregon)

We find our students are more motivated and engaged if they have missing pieces to fill in but the visual component of the chart is key so they know it is missing! Our students want to research, read, present, and then fill in the missing pieces with additional details and facts. It turns our teacher began charts into student created Living Walls. It gets students to have ownership of their learning over any topic!

Check out our Facebook gallery or Instagram to see examples of Input Charts turned to Living Walls.


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