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Distance Learning Promoting Social Skills - Be GLAD Educator Webinar Series

Promoting Social Skills during Distance Learning Free support for educators, Wednesday, April 29th Session Recording Be GLAD e-Lab (webinar)

Distance Learning Promoting Social Skills - Be GLAD Educator Webinar Series

We're GLAD so many of you joined us this week for our weekly Be GLAD Educator webinar to support distance learning. Over the next couple of weeks, we will continue to offer free weekly webinars to support you during this time.

We were honored to have Marcia Brechtel, co-creator and former director of Project GLAD®, join us this week. As always, she provided words of wisdom and an inspiring message. She reminded us of the importance of cooperative learning for both students and teachers. Not only does it provide scaffolding for language acquisition and academic content, but it promotes cross-cultural respect and sensitivity.

A special thank you to Maria Gonzales and Luis Pelayo, Be GLAD Certified Agency Trainers, for sharing so many awesome strategies to GLADify distance learning.

If you missed the webinar, click on the image above to watch the recorded session and check out the following links below in this post for some of the wonderful resources that were shared.

Next week, we will be offering our weekly webinar in Spanish. A few Be GLADiators will share some strategies for distance learning en español. If you teach in Spanish or are interested in the Spanish language, this webinar is for you.

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Collaborative Learning in a Virtual Classroom (Resources)


An important piece of our pedagogy is our emphasis on collaborative learning. Our extensive research shows peer-to-peer instruction and discussion is critical to student learning. It helps internalize concepts and creates a natural fluency with academic vocabulary when students use it with each other.

During the webinar, we shared some ideas for digitizing some of our key strategies to promote social skills of teamwork and collaboration during distance learning. Click here for some additional tips and tools for the T-Graph, Team Tasks, and Expert Groups.

Additional Resources

Google Classroom Support Videos

On this website, you can find short videos to support you in getting started with Google Classroom.

Getting Started with Screencastify

As Luis mentioned, Screencastify is a helpful tool for creating instructional videos that can be easily shared with students.

Google Read & Write HyperDoc

This HyperDoc explains how to use the Google Read&Write extension. Luis demonstrated how this extension can be used to scaffold digital content for students.

Getting Started with Flipgrid

Students and educators can use Flipgrid to connect with one another and to collaborate. Educators can also use it as an assessment of their students' oral language. The link above will support you in getting started with this free tool.

We used Flipgrid to share some of our Gots and Wants from the webinar. If you would like to add a response to our grid, click here to get started!

Digital Observation Charts Presentation(in Spanish)

As a Bilingual/ESL Program Coordinator for McKinney ISD, Maria has shared this wonderful presentation with several ideas of how to digitize the Observation Charts strategy. She used great visuals and provided many links to support you even if you're not familiar with the Spanish language.

Digital Observation Charts Planning Template in English

Digital Observation Charts Planning Template in Spanish

Padlet Tutorial - How to Get Started Guide 2020

Padlet is an excellent platform to engage your students in online discussions. Students can post text, photos, videos, drawings, and more. Here is the example that Maria used to model in the webinar.

Upcoming Be GLAD Educator Webinars to Support Distance Learning


Mark your calendars for the next weekly webinar at 1pm PST/4pm EST.

May 6th - en Espanol Estrategias para desarrollar la escritura en un aula virtual

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