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Distance Learning Multilingual Learners - Be GLAD Educator Webinar Series

谢谢 Distance Learning Webinar - Multilingual Learners

Free support for educators, Wednesday, April 8th Session Recording

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Distance Learning for Multilingual Learners - Be GLAD Educator Webinar Series


We're GLAD so many of you joined us this week for our weekly Be GLAD Educator webinar to support distance learning. Over the next couple of weeks, we will continue to offer free weekly webinars to support you during this time.

A special thank you to our guest, Sylvia Chen, for beautifully demonstrating the 7 Hip Pocket Tools in a direct and interactive lesson in Mandarin.

If you missed the webinar, click on the image at the top to watch the recorded session and check out the following links for some of the wonderful resources that were shared.



We've found considerable success supporting all students with our trademarked 7 Hip Pocket Tools. These are 7 key practices that can be used with any instruction with little to no prep and with almost no materials needed. All of our award-winning strategies employ some if not all of the tools.

These basic tools will increase engagement and interaction with any activity. If used often enough, you'll create a classroom full of productive energy with a very low affective filter.

Our Hip Pocket Tools are now available in Spanish, too. We would love to have them translated into many other additional languages. Send us an email if you're interested in helping out.

Additional Resources

Click links below:


Graphic Organizer Input Chart Example in Mandarin

This is the Graphic Organizer Input Chart (GOIC) that Sylvia started with us during the webinar. This was completed over multiple class sessions. Notice that her class has added word cards for the key vocabulary. The photos were removed when the students no longer relied on them for comprehension. Great example.

Names of Be GLAD Strategies in Mandarin

Video on Using Quizlet Diagrams

As Sylvia showed us in the webinar, Quizlet can be used to create a virtual Word Card Review, reviewing key vocabulary from an input chart.

Pictorial Input Chart Example in Mandarin

As mentioned in the webinar, the Pictorial Input Chart is a Be GLAD strategy to teach the schema used for researching an example from the GOIC. This is an example from Sylvia's classroom. You can learn more about the Pictorial Input Chart on the Be GLAD Blog.

Getting Started with Flipgrid

As Sylvia demonstrated in the webinar, students can use Flipgrid to record their voices and educators can use it as an assessment of their oral language. Students can respond to the content on a GOIC or Pictorial and their recorded responses could be used in a Group Frame.

Upcoming Be GLAD Educator Webinars to Support Distance Learning

Next week, a few GLADiators will share some strategies from Be GLAD en español. If you teach in Spanish or have an interest in the Spanish language, we hope to see you.

Mark your calendars for the following weekly webinars on Distance Learning at 1pm PST:

April 15th - Be GLAD en español

April 22nd - PreK

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New to Be GLAD or looking for a refresher? Be GLAD Online Core Training is now online and available 24/7. Innovate and increase implementation with ease through this online platform.

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