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Distance Learning en Español - Be GLAD Educator Webinar Series

Distance Learning Webinar - en Español

Free support for educators, Wednesday, April 8th Session Recording

Be GLAD e-Lab (webinar)

Distance Learning en Español - Be GLAD Educator Webinar Series


We're GLAD so many of you joined us this week for our weekly Be GLAD Educator webinar to support distance learning. Over the next couple of weeks, we will continue to offer free weekly webinars to support you during this time.

A special thank you to our guests, Luis Pelayo, Angie Martín Gorno and Laura Soto, for sharing so many awesome strategies to GLADify distance learning.

If you missed the webinar, click on the image at the top to watch the recorded session and check out the following links for some of the wonderful resources that were shared.

¡Arrastra y suelta!


During the webinar, Angie shared how to create your own Arrastra y suelta, or Drag and Drop, activities using Google Slides in Preview Mode. She demonstrated how this technique can be used for a wide range of activities and for all grade levels.

One example she provided was how this can be used to create a digital Narrative Input Chart, a Be GLAD strategy that follows the tradition of oral storytelling. The objective of the Narrative Input Chart is to teach literary elements and to model fluent reading. If you're not familiar with this strategy, you can read more about it and watch a demonstration of this strategy in Spanish on our blog.

Additional Resources

Google Classroom Help Videos

On this website, you can find short videos to support you in getting started with Google Classroom.

How to HyperDoc

A HyperDoc is a tool to help facilitate student creativity and collaboration. It is used to to digitize a lesson for distance learning.

Getting Started with Screencastify

As Luis mentioned, Screencastify is a helpful tool for creating instructional videos that can be easily shared with students.

Google Read & Write HyperDoc

This HyperDoc explains how to use the Google Read&Write extension. Luis demonstrated how this extension can be used to scaffold digital content for students.

Getting Started with Flipgrid

Students can use Flipgrid to record their voices and educators can use it as an assessment of their oral language.


Educators and students can create simple and quick audio recordings using Vocaroo. QR codes can be generated quickly to post on documents or slides for easy sharing.

Daily Warm-Up Activity Slides in Spanish

These slides can be used to start your daily lessons in Spanish. They were created by Angie and her colleague Brittany and can be used with any grade level. ¡Qué bien!

SeeSaw for Distance Learning (2 separate links)

Laura modeled a digital Sentence Patterning Chart (Diagrama de patrones gramaticales) activity that was created and shared with students over SeeSaw.

Future Be GLAD Educator Webinars to Support Distance Learning

Mark your calendars for the next weekly webinar on

Wednesday, April 22nd at 12pm PST / 3pm EST

*Please note: We will be meeting an hour earlier from our typical time.

With a focus on Distance Learning for Early Childhood Education
(PreK, TK, Kinder, or 1st grade during this time of distance learning)

This session will be tailored to early childhood educators and parents, but all are welcome. A link to the webinar will be sent the day of the session.

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