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Best GLAD Units

Want to deepen your GLAD implementation? We found the perfect curriculum for you! We've tried and are exclusively using Uplevel's system to power our Classroom Demonstrations K-5.

Integrated Curriculum

We've found Uplevel's books dramatically increased use of our strategies in every classroom. Here are a few reports from the field.

"Uplevel units are connected to the GLAD model, the units and lessons are actually modeled in the classroom. This has supported teachers to practice strategies which is what our teachers were looking for. Now, they know exactly what the model and strategies look like in the classroom - other curriculum companies don’t do this." - GLAD District

Integrated NGS & CCS-ELABecause Instructional Material Really Matters

"Teachers feel validated that their voices are being heard because the units are fun and put together in a way that they can easily follow and match what the district is asking them to bring all together." - A GLAD District

10-2.png#asset:3980Explicit ELA taught through actual NGS (science units, not just loose connections), students bring language alive through the learning of science and history-social science

Martinez is rocking out instruction with Uplevel's materials. Read their shout out.


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