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Be GLAD Online in Spanish is Here!

Be GLAD Training supports and celebrates language acquisition and literacy in all languages. This month, in celebration of the launch of our newest online course, Be GLAD en español, we are spotlighting the Be GLAD strategies in Spanish! ¡Olé!

Be GLAD en español​​

This online course in Spanish was designed by and for dual language and Spanish immersion classroom educators. Our course aligns with any language immersion program your district or school is using. The course is 100% in Spanish!

Scroll down to see various Be GLAD strategies in Spanish!


Official Be GLAD Strategy Names in Spanish and English

¿Cómo se dice…? Want to learn how to say “Sentence Patterning Chart” and “Pictorial Input Chart” in Spanish? Click here see a list of the official names of our most popular Be GLAD strategy in English and Spanish.


7 Herramientas del bolsillo (7 Hip Pocket Tools)

Our trademarked Hip Pocket Tools are 7 teacher-friendly practices to increase engagement and comprehension. These tools can be used with any instruction and in any language! Click here for more information on using them in Spanish during distance learning.


Poesia y cantos (Poetry and Chants)

Incorporating poetry and chants in the classroom is an excellent way to provide guided oral practice to all of your students. Click here to check out a few classroom demonstrations, modeled in two different Spanish dual immersion classrooms!


El Diagrama Narrativo (Narrative Input Chart)

The Narrative Input Chart follows the tradition of oral storytelling. The objective of the Narrative Input Chart is to teach literary elements and to model fluent reading in Spanish.

To learn more about this strategy and to see it demonstrated in a two-way language immersion classroom, click here!


Diagrama de patrones gramaticales (Sentence Patterning Chart)

The Sentence Patterning Chart (SPC) supports students in building an understanding of sentence syntax in Spanish. It provides an opportunity for them to practice their oral language in a fun, engaging way.

Click here to see how a teacher leads a combination class of 4th and 5th grade two-way language immersion students in creating and singing the SPC in Spanish.


Diccionario cognitivo (Cognitive Content Dictionary)

The Cognitive Content Dictionary supports students in decoding the meaning of unknown words. It is a powerful strategy in any language and especially useful in dual language programs. Learn the steps for using it in Spanish by clicking here!


Share your Multilingual Lessons!

Are you using Be GLAD strategies to support students in a language other than English? We would love to celebrate the work of you and your students! Share and tag us on Social Media. We love all languages!

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