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We found more Be GLAD people. At this year's MAIS Conference in Dubai, we had insightful and thought-provoking conversations with some of the best educators from around the globe.

We were honored to be invited to present and collaborate at MAIS. MAIS is the Mediterranean Association of International Schools. We're excited to see leaders from around the world working hard to empower their students with the Be GLAD system.

We're a perfect fit for a multilingual world.

Multilingual Sentence Patterning Charts (SPC)


We shared and learned academic syntax and grammar in multiple languages through our Sentence Patterning Chart (aka Farmer-in-the-Dell).

Sentence Patterning Chart (SPC) Arabic


In Arabic, our amazing participants built a Sentence Patterning Chart using color coding, sketches, and modeled reading right to left using an Arabic tune.

Sentence Patterning Chart (SPC) Spanish, French


In Spanish, our amazing participants built a Sentence Patterning Chart using color coding, shape coding, sketches, and modeled reading left to right using a Spanish tune.

We also have a French example we'll post up soon. Oh la la! So much fun!

MAIS Networking


We enjoyed meeting so many dedicated international educators and exchanging ideas about how to best support all language learners.


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