Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Training

    Can I pay for the GLAD training with a Purchase Order? What if I don’t have a PO number yet?

    Yes, you can pay for your GLAD Training with a PO, even if you don’t have the PO number at the time of registration. Simply select the Purchase Order method of payment during checkout. If you don’t have a PO number at the time of registration, type in ‘TBD’ in the ‘PO Number’ field and provide an email address we can obtain the PO information from.

  • General Training

    I have never heard of GLAD, what is it?

    Project GLAD is a professional development training for teachers designed to deliver content in the most effective way, according to research.

  • General Training

    I have already gone through the GLAD Training but want a refresher, do you have anything that could help me?

    Yes, we have an in person follow-up training that is designed for teachers who need a refresher on strategies. Individuals can also sign up for our newsletter on our website which will announce free webinars that we conduct throughout the year. Each webinar has a different focus to review strategies and provide individuals to ask questions.

  • General Training

    Is there a difference between Be GLAD and other GLAD organizations?

    Yes, Be GLAD is the only Project GLAD provider that is officially endorsed by the original Project GLAD co-creator, Marcia Brechtel. Be GLAD owns the trademark/copyright and our unique professional development system.

  • General Training

    How does GLAD compare to other professional development trainings for teachers?

    Be GLAD professional development supports educators to achieve phenomenal student success with any demographic group. Our test data clearly separates Be GLAD above other programs.

  • General Training

    Is the online course the same as the in-person?

    Yes, our online course and in-person sessions include the same materials, information, allow you to earn the same Basic Educator Certificate after completing either course, and have your name entered into our National Database of trained educators.

  • General Training

    How do I become a GLAD district?

    We’ve found best implementation and highest level of success happens when everyone’s on the same page. This takes:

  • Accounting

    Can I pay for the GLAD Training with a credit card?

    Yes, you can pay for the GLAD Training with a credit card during the checkout process.

  • Technical

    Where can I find the resources/units for my GLAD Training?

    You can find the resources page by logging in with your username/password, selecting ‘My Account’ from the menu bar at the top of the page, and selecting ‘Resources’ on the left hand side of the page. You can search the units on the ‘Resources’ page by clicking the eyeglass icon to the left of the ‘Name’ category.

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